Meningitis scare hits halls

Three freshers rushed to hospital with suspected disease

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Three freshers have been rushed to hospital after suffering from symptoms of meningitis.

Two students from Beech Court and a third from Geddes Halls have been taken to hospital for tests.

Meninigitis can be fatal if left untreated.

Beech court

The two freshers fell ill in halls

One of the freshers thought she “just had too much to drink”.

But her flatmates grew worried the next day when she was repeatedly sick and very pale.

Worried flatmate Lindsey said: “Our main concern was just getting her to the hospital and getting her treated.”

Concerned friends called NHS 24 who told them to wait until the end of the week.

But after contacting Larbert Hospital they were advised that although it may not be Meningitis, the student would be tested for it as a precaution.

All three are currently being tested in hospital.

A third student- from Geddes halls- has also been rushed to hospital

A third student has also been rushed to hospital

First years are at a greater risk of catching meningitis during Freshers’ as they mix closely with many students, some of who be carriers of the disease.

Living in halls can also make it more difficult to detect symptoms of the disease, as many are similar to the side effects of the standard freshers’ flu.

Meningitis- not to be confused with Freshers' flu

Meningitis- not to be confused with Freshers’ flu

All new students were sent letters advising them to get the Meningitis C booster vaccine two weeks before arriving on campus as part of a country wide catch-up scheme to combat the disease. But many are yet to get their booster.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, vomiting, muscle pain, paleness, and confusion.