St Andrews International Relations students told to prepare for online classes

Students have been told to take laptops home with them over Easter

The University of St Andrews is taking steps to prepare for online classes after spring break, according to emails sent to students.

In response to concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic, students have been advised to prepare for the possibility of remote learning.

In an email to second-year International Relations students, the cohort was told lecturers and tutors are ‘waiting on the University to make a firm decision’ on how classes will proceed following the two-week spring holidays.

In the meantime, students are advised to prepare for remote classes. Any students leaving town during the break have been requested to take their laptops and tablets with them. Dr. Saunders has also recommended students to download software in the event of tutorials being conducted online.

“I wish I could give you a clear answer now on whether or not we will move to online teaching, but none of us have any information at the moment,” the email reads. “I will update you when we do.”

This message has been reaffirmed in tutorials as well as students and staff wait for updates over the next couple of weeks on how the rest of the semester will progress.

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