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We spoke to the students at the St Andrews Climate Strike and here’s what they had to say

Everyone agrees we need to stop it snowing in April

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On the 20th of September, students at the University of St Andrews joined hundreds of school and university students throughout the United Kingdom and beyond to protest against climate change.

This march was easily the largest protest St Andrews has ever seen, hundreds of university students left their lectures to support the global climate strike. St Andrews students were called to participate in a "day of action and reflection."

Students walked from St Salvator's Quad to West Sands beach. They were hoping to bring greater awareness about the chaos our climate has been experiencing, the students also took time to look out to the North Sea and consider the deterioration of the earth. An iconic marcher even brought their own drone.

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The Tab sat down with Abby Schwartz, one of the dedicated and eco-savvy students who helped organise the event with Climate Action St Andrews, and Julia Swerdlow, who participated in the march, to discuss the significance of this event and what it hopes to achieve.

Abby got involved with the protest to "be part of the global effort to combat climate change" and protect future generations. This protest was a platform for her and her fellow activists to address "those in power" to demonstrate that climate change is a "disease" and "we're going to be sick soon."

Abby pointed out, everyone is vulnerable to climate change; as it affects "the whole nature of the planet." No one will remain untouched during this "unprecedented threat." We should probs all be doing more: remember that awful snowstorm in April last year? APRIL.

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Second-year students Nick Gelos and Teia Swan join Climate Action St Andrews to call for a climate emergency

Julia, a second-year Geography student, was eager to get involved in the climate action to ensure that, particularly living in a small town like St Andrews, we can "make our voices heard." Time is of the essence, she says, as we have just over a decade before the effects of climate change are irreversible. Hopefully, this protest will send a message to "people in government power… that this is an actual issue and that Generation Z will not go down quietly."

The climate change strike was a raving success with an estimated1,200 students, both from the university and local schools, taking part.

Students Teia Swan (L) and Julia Swerdlow (R) display their handmade signs calling for action against climate change

To sign a petition demanding the University of St Andrews declare a climate emergency, access this link. This, Abby reiterates, will allow students and activists to "hold them (the University) accountable on the issue in the future" and ensure meaningful steps are taken to battle climate change.

The organisers of the climate strike also compiled a video explaining their efforts which is worth watching for any environmentally-conscious people trying to understand how they can contribute.

Find out more about Climate Action St Andrews and the event itself: 'St Andrews – A Line in the Sand for Climate Change' through Facebook. Also visit Extinction Rebellion St Andrews+ to see further opportunities for climate change protests.

There are also a range of environmental groups and societies at the University with whom you can volunteer. They are looking for a range of interests and skills to facilitate their climate action.