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Here are the best dressed from this year’s May Ball

The last ball of the year saw some of the finest garms we’ve seen

May Ball is the last big blowout before revision really begins. This year was packed with tartan trousers, society bow ties and long, silk gowns. In typical St Andrews fashion, guests came dressed in their best. From Keira Knightley style Atonement gowns to the Kate Kennedy tartan trousers and bow ties, this year's event saw some of the best dressed of 2018.

Allina, History (and being an Angelina Jolie lookalike) and Tyler, Management (future James Bond)

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Alec, Sustainable Development, Second Year

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Lulu, Economics and IR, Violet, Biology and Psychology and Nicole, Geology

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Roland and Angus Giddens, Captain XV Rugby and President of the Kate Kennedy Club respectively. The hat was requested by us

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Lorelai, German and Arabic and Katherine, Biology

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Matthew, English and Jack, Medicine

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Ben, History and Ax, Management, wearing winning bowties

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Freya, English (the lighting really doesn't do the colour of her outfit justice, she looked like a literal, glowing mermaid)

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Camilla – an actual unicorn – and Management Postgrad

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