Every type of person you’ll meet in second year

If you haven’t met one of them, it’s probably you

You’ve survived to nearly the end of the year, and by now this list should be sounding pretty familiar:

The try-hard

They’ve taken the whole second year counts thing way to seriously, actually doing the reading and revising months before exams. The only solution for this is to get them absolutely waved, so they remember what we’re actually in uni for: the sesh.

The sesh gremlin

Can’t let go of the fresher lifestyle, so they go out all the time, then pull all-nighters in Hartley for a week straight to catch up.


The newly single boy

He met and settled down with a girlfriend in first year, but second year rolled around and instead of growing up, he’s descended into a full blown fuck boy. He doesn’t give a shit, and wants everyone to know it. Lads lads lads.

The passive aggressive one

You’re forced to live amongst the post-it notes they leave everywhere telling you to wash up and clean, because they are too pussy to confront you face to face.

The paparazzi

Still snapchats everything to show their mates back home they’re having a good time. But when their story turns movie length, its time for an intervention.

The one who can’t let go

They’ve already graduated but still show up at all the socials, even though they have a job and should really move on. Tragic.

The insta gal

Now she has her own house that she can decorate without halls regulations, her insta game has stepped up. Hello candles and mains powered fairy lights!!!

The ghost

Heard in the house but never actually seen, you hear them creeping around at night like some nocturnal animal, but when the sun comes up they’re nowhere to be found.

You’re not even sure they still live in your house

The couple

The root cause of all drama on a night out. Even worse living in the same house as a couple because walls are THIN guys…the rest of us don’t want to hear your arguing.

The player

The pull chart was their pride and joy in first year, but now they’ve moved on to Tinder and/or preying on freshers. For them its never a walk of shame its a stride of pride.

The one with the car

An absolute hero, braving the struggle of parking on Gordon or Alma purely to save us all from the walk up Church Lane. Plus so many more places are accessible: Costco, Bournemouth beach…Maccies drive though.

The messy af one

The leaning tower of dishes is both a work of art and a piss take, because this year there’s no cleaner to make you keep your shit together.

The struggle of no cleaner

The druggo

Broke af but still find money for weed/ket, and Switch every weekend.


Religiously attends Karaoke every Thursday. They’ve gone from being pretty vocal on the halls group chat last year, to always being a mutual friend of people you add on fb this year.

The committee member

Scarred by their experience as a fresher, the power has gone to their head, and now a monster has been created. Good source for an Ocies societies card tbf.