TikTok star Ollie Ball will be a University of Sheffield fresher next year

John’s van will deffo get scranned

TikTok star Ollie Ball is set to join the University of Sheffield in September.

The student from the UK has millions of views on his videos, in which his mate Jacob starts singing a popular song before Ollie comes in, finishes the lyrics, says “it’s Ollie Ball here”, and reviews his food.

When asked how he felt about his confirmed place at the university, Ollie reportedly said: “It’s unbelievable.”

He added he is “absolutely buzzing” to come to Sheffield and study on the Food and Nutrition course, which he says will help him decide which food should be “scranned” and which should be “chucked”.

Ollie will be staying in the Endcliffe accommodation block next to The Village store, so he can quickly nip out for a brownie.

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield said they were “thrilled” with the news and added: “It’s great to have a name of this calibre amongst us.

“Other unis may have royalty and child geniuses, but we’re over the moon to have secured this legend. Ollie Ball is well and truly here.”

John’s Van’s bacon sarnies are said to be one of the main reasons for his move to the Steel City, along with his desire to yeet a VK at Pop Tarts. With his mullet, we’re sure he’ll fit right in.

UPDATE: It’s April 1st. You’re an April fool. We’re not even sorry.

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