Watch: Video shows Endcliffe laundry room on fire as a dryer goes up in flames

Yes, it was Circuit laundry

At around 8pm on Friday night, a dryer in the laundry room of Endcliffe Village caught on fire. The flames can be seen engulfing the dryer and its contents in footage captured by @fromiesc on TikTok.

A first-year student, living at Endcliffe, told The Sheffield Tab: “The smell was so strong, we had to close the windows.

“Two fire engines pulled up right outside our flat, they taped up the area and we saw them kicking the remains out of the dryer and washing them down.”

Another student, Sam, who also lives in Endcliffe, said: “I couldn’t see much from my flat but the entire laundry room was filled with smoke.”

The Edge, a bar within Endcliffe Village, is located near the laundry room and so “everyone got escorted out to the fire assembly point” according to another student witness.

TikTok user @ehutchd, also confirmed in a comment that the bar then “closed for the night.”

In a video captured by a student, the fire engines can be seen arriving at the scene ready to tackle the dryer fire.

TikTok user, @tobyward91, had his clothes two dryers along from the fire and claims “now we have to wait until Monday to get our clothes.”

Other Sheffield students have taken to the TikTok comment section to share their version of events with user @sophierstenton saying “I saw the fire trucks go past me” and user @azarap77 saying “I rlly did love the smell of burnt plastic throughout Endcliffe last night.”

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield confirmed: “We received a report last night of a small fire at the laundrette of one of our student residences, the Edge. The building was promptly evacuated and the fire service attended. No staff or students were injured.”

They went on to say “The facility was made safe and secured whilst any repairs are carried out and students on site have been made aware of the alternative sites to do their washing in the meantime.”

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