Nearly 370 students at Sheffield Hallam University have tested positive for coronavirus

More teaching has moved online

369 students and four members of staff at Sheffield Hallam University have tested positive for coronavirus since 21 September, according to the university’s online tracker.

As a result of an increase of 65 new cases, Sheffield Hallam University has increased its online teaching for the next two weeks as a precautionary measure. 

It comes after the University of Sheffield recorded nearly 500 cases since the beginning of the new academic year, bringing the total of cases among students in Sheffield universities to 843. 

Sheffield Hallam will publish new figures on their website every Monday and will have stats on the two weeks prior.

All students who have tested positive are required to self-isolate within their households and follow government guidelines. 

A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson said: “We are working closely with our partner accommodation providers to keep students safe, whilst providing a range of support for those self-isolating, including food packages, wellbeing support and access to medicine for those that need it.

“If any member of our student community suspects they have the virus or have had a positive test, they must follow official advice and should notify the University so that we can support them.”

If you are currently self-isolating or have symptoms, visit this site for support. 

Featured image credit: Nhu Hoang, Sheffield Videos

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