Vivian Iroanya

Sheffield student’s petition calling for race equality at uni nears 1000 signatures

The petition has 802 signatures and counting

Sheffield BLM criticise calls for statue of white anti-slavery group

‘The last thing we need is white councillors proposing to erect more white statues’

Meet the only black female student in the entire Cambridge music faculty

Her diss is called ‘Amanda Aldridge: The Black Woman That Music Forgot’

Dear Sheffield students, this is how you can support Black Lives Matter

Black people cannot carry the weight of injustice on their shoulders, whilst the institutionalised systems still prevail

Outrage over social distancing at BLM protests but not VE day proves the UK is racist

Use your white privilege as an ally to the black community and stop complaining

Unite Union add to growing criticism of UoS’s furlough scheme

Sheffield’s VC’s has been accused of “turning his back” on staff

The Leadmill and Corporation are asking for donations to help them stay afloat in the pandemic

Let’s support our local venues!

Hallam student captures just how empty Sheffield feels during lockdown

The eerie images are part of her degree

A Hallam student had fruit thrown at him during a corona-related attack

He described the racism as ‘plain ignorance’