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Dani Dyer will be hosting a meet and greet at Viper Rooms this weekend

Both she and Jack will be hosting meet and greets this month

As if Jack announcing a meet and greet at Sheffield's number one venue called Viper Rooms wasn't enough for the Love Island fatigued public, now his and the nation's beau Dani Dyer is heading there too.

On Saturday 11th August – which is this Saturday, in case your excitement levels weren't already palpable enough – Dani will be meeting fans and just a whole bunch of drunk people in the popular Sheffield bar for what we call in the business a 'meet and greet'.

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It follows announcements by Jack off of selling pens, Wes, and Adam, all of who are hosting meet and greets in the city over the coming months, with Wes launching Code's new weekly club night, Wonderland.

More details regarding tickets can be found here.