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The best places in Sheffield to have fried chicken now KFC has run out

It’s the end of the world as we know it

This is it, the end is nigh. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are upon us – war, death, famine, and KFC running out of chicken. That’s right, if you haven't heard already – KFC has run out of chicken.

This week KFC announced that many of its stores, including those in Sheffield, would either close or open for reduced hours due to the lack of chicken caused by a change in supplier, with stores expected to remain shut throughout the week.

Blame Brexit, blame Trump, blame whoever it was that decided not to renew Freaks and Geeks for a second season, but there’s no denying the truth, and the truth certainly isn’t finger licking good.

So we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get your much needed chicken-fix in Sheffield, and hopefully they won’t run out of chicken as well.

Lucky Fox

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The daddy of Sheffield fried chicken, Lucky Fox has outlets on Division Street and Ecclesall Road and is also available Deliveroo. Perfect for that post-lecture/pre-seminar lunch, it’s reasonably priced and it’s in a great location, and goddamn it’s so Instagram-able. Grab yourself a Chicken Rancher or the Williamsburger (it has a flipping egg on it), and you may just be too full to go to uni after all.

The Doctor’s Orders

The Spice Girls did a lot of cool stuff in their time, like inspire and empower millions of females across the globe and churn out so many hits that they still keep Popworld going to this day. Yet it’s the phrase ‘spice up your life’ that we’re using to Segway into this next chicken segment.

The Doctor’s Orders boasts the Chicken Inferno, a burger composed of a Cajun spiced chicken breast, spicy shredded chicken, hot sauce, and jalapeño cheese. It's so spicy your life will almost be too spicy.

Bungalows and Bears

What’s better than a burger? Fried chicken.

What’s better than fried chicken? A burger.

What happens if you combine fried chicken and a burger? Bungalows and Bears’ Stable Friends burger, that’s what you bloody get. Fried chicken AND a burger. Both of them, together. The lovechild of two Gods. KFC may as well stay shut, they're no match for the Stable Friends.

Bar One

Do you ever feel like whenever you have a KFC, no matter how filling it is, there’s still something missing? Is that something the sound of a society meeting rumbling on in the background? Or a quiz about which Friends character said that thing about pivoting/smelly cats/how on earth can we afford this apartment in New York? Well, Bar One is the place to be to fill that void in your fried chicken life.

Bar One’s chicken options are simple yet delicious, and they even have the option of 12oz of chicken. 12. Ounces. Of. Chicken. Does a chicken even weight that much when it’s alive?

The Forum

Ah, The Forum. The only place in Sheffield that manages to be a restaurant, café, cocktail bar, and nightclub all in one day. KFC isn’t a nightclub, is it? No, didn't think so.

The Forum has a wide variety of options on it’s menu, but if it’s fried you’re after then look no further than their Buttermilk Chicken Burger, complete with candied bacon. Who knew that existed, eh? They also have a really cool pizza slice bar and some killer cocktails, as if it didn’t already have enough feathers in its cap.