There was a pigeon in Hallam’s library last night

No, seriously

Last night, there was a special guest in Hallam's library in the form of a bird.

Snapchatters were quick to record the animal on video and post it to their stories.

The pigeon seemed more than happy pottering around the desks, and it could be said he's something of a high-flying student (sorry).

One Snapchatter put: "Why's there a pigeon in the library", whilst recording the animal.

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And another Snapchatter recorded the animal walking around the desks and simply put "pigeon in the library" as their rather imaginative caption.

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We were unable to receive a comment from our feathered friend, for obvious reasons, but it's not the first time this has happened. A pigeon managed to fly into the building in February 2016 as well.

Oh, and in March this year as well.

It raises serious questions of security, with the question on everybody's lips being how on earth he got in without a U-card.

Ironically, the Pigeon Detectives were playing at Sheffield's O2 Academy last night, however the two events aren't thought to be linked