What are the best selfie spots on campus?

Let me take a selfie

The perfect selfie takes time and precision. One does not simply stumble into the perfect lighting. Choosing the right filter can take hours of deliberation. You need to think about the background and what it will say about you to your social media followers.

With all this to take into account, it’s difficult to decide when and where to take your selfies.

The wonderful greenspace

Such luscious scenery

Sheffield is the greenest city in Europe, so show everyone how at one with nature you are on your walk to uni. This selfie spot makes a cold walk to a 9am lecture more exciting, if nothing else.

The balcony at The View Deli

That view

Crystallise the view of the city from The View Deli forever with this selfie spot. Add a hazy filter to emphasise that autumnal vibe. Make sure the shadow hits your jawbone just right. Push people from their tables if you have to. They will understand your plight to find the perfect selfie background, and if they don’t, they deserve to be interrupted anyway.

Outside Bar One

Me having fun

Show everyone you can have a good time with this selfie spot outside Bar One. The beautiful thing about posting selfies on social media is that you could be hanging out at Bar One all on your own, but no one else knows that. The colourful stripes are a really fun backdrop so this selfie spot will make you seem like a really fun person.

By the Henderson’s Relish building

Quintessentially Sheffield

You probably refer to Sheffield as your “second home” or something cheesy like that, but every now and then you slip into tourist mode. Next time that happens why not snap a selfie outside the Henderson’s Relish building because, like, what’s cooler than a Henderson’s Relish selfie?

St George’s Church

So bespoke

Feeling spiritual? Head to St George’s Church for a selfie. This selfie spot is unique for its psychedelic lighting. It makes your hair look like a rainbow without any of the damaging side effects of actually bleaching it. Add on a bright filter to emphasise the holiness of this selfie spot. Get the right angle and the lighting can really highlight your cheekbones.

St George’s Church Cemetery

On point

If you want to create a melancholic and poetic atmosphere just head to the cemetery, look sad and add a black and white filter. Voila, you’re basically the next Charles Dickens.

The Concourse 

Find yourself

Do you want to show your followers how deep you are? Of course. Offer them an inspirational quote of the day by taking a selfie on the concourse with the word “EXPLORE” in the background. Your selfie could be the one force that motivates someone to truly find themselves. This selfie spot allows you to make a real impact on the world, one selfie at a time.