Outrage as The View Deli goes completely vegetarian

RIP chorizo paninis

Popular SU cafe The View Deli has turned fully vegetarian.

The café no longer sells meat or fish and instead offers alternatives such as vegetarian lasagne and roasted vegetable baguettes.

The change has inspired a very mixed response, though The View Deli hope that meat eaters will continue to go there hoping to be introduced to different foods, as well as to think about what they’re putting in their bodies.

Veggie galore

The manager told The Tab: “There’s nothing like it in the University and we wanted to be different. We wanted to provide options for vegetarians and vegans.”

The SU website also notes the change is due to “customer feedback.”

Whilst vegetarians and vegans are excited to have a space in the union that offers more than just salad and chips, many meat eaters are put off from buying food from The View Deli and instead are more drawn towards Uni Central for its choice of greasy meat based meals.


 “Increase the provision of vegetarian meals alongside meat by all means, but purging meat altogether is cliquey and exclusive” said Geography finalist Daisy.

“The View used to be the only place in the SU where you could enjoy the scenic vista of Glossop Road and some form of chorizo based panini at the same time. Myself and so many others are now being denied that luxury.”

“I think it’s disgusting” added History and Politics fresher, Jake. “It’s good that we can’t afford it anyway.”

Vegetarians and vegans alike are slightly more positive about the change: “It’s really nice to find somewhere with multi veggie options. It introduces people to veggie food that’s actually nice.” said Economics fresher Megan.