Union Ain’t Half Bad

Last year’s building works didn’t stop the Union being best in the country – AGAIN!

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Sheffield’s Students’ Union has once again been voted the best in the country – despite only being half built.

Uni’s SUperb record in the National Student Satisfaction Survey continued, with the 93% of leavers at least satisfied with its Union, making it the best in the UK for the second year running.

Students sitting on a grassy verge

The award came even as major building work took place at the Union throughout the year.

It didn’t surprise Sheffield students though, cricket 1st team captain Edward Pearce told The Tab: “We know we’re the best, why try harder?”

The library was given an even higher 94% satisfaction rating, and the facilities are set to get even more dynamIC for this year’s Freshers, with the £20 million redevelopment of the Union nearing completion.

Club nights are set to return to the revamped Foundry and Fusion in the Union after a year in the Octagon, a venue described by some as “A bit roomy”. Others simply described it as “Shit”.

I like what IC

Chemist Jenee Rolls told The Tab: “I can’t wait to get back to Sheffield and see the new Foundry and Fusion.”

Roll on Freshers’ Week!