We asked Notts students why they’re taking part in Movember

Taches are sexy

It’s that time of year again. The dreaded month of November. Suddenly, your campus crush is parading around with a rodent on his upper lip. Surely this can’t be the next mullet craze. Ignoring the catastrophic attempts at growing facial hair, Movember actually has a very important message behind it.

The primary goal of Movember is to raise money for Men’s health. This includes prostate cancer, testicle cancer and suicide prevention. In recent years, the focus has been directed towards Men’s mental health, and awareness has risen drastically – yet there is still a long way to go. Statistically, men are three times more likely to die from suicide than women.

Research suggests that due to stereotyping and social pressures, men are less open with one another about their emotions, meaning they are less able to recognise they are struggling or able to reach for help. Money previously raised by the Movember Foundation has helped raise funds for amazing research, such as new treatments for prostate cancer and mental health support for veterans.

UNRUC’s Movember

One of UNRUC’s finest members, Ollie Gilbert, spoke to us about why he is participating in Movember and what he thinks could change in sports teams to support Men’s Health. Ollie has played sports since the age of 8.

Ollie said: “Growing a mo is a fun challenge and accessible way to fundraise…  I am participating to raise as much awareness as possible and to think about how sport can support men’s health.

“Teams could do better to focus on the reason people are playing rather than the results”.

Although sports teams obviously have a competitive element, sport is also used by many as an outlet to reduce stress and socialise.

He said: “Sport can improve individuals’ lifestyles”, and more training could be done with coaches and teammates to “encourage better cultures around winning and losing”, maintaining its position as a positive outlet for individuals.

You can donate to UNRUC’s Movember page here.

Thai Boxing Society’s Movember

UoN student George told us about how he is raising money alongside Thai Boxing Society to spread awareness for all areas of men’s health that can become taboo topics.

He said: “There’s a serious issue with the suck it up and get on with it attitude that most men face” and he knows “countless men who suffer in silence”. You can donate to George’s Movember here.

The girls’ Movember attempts

University of Nottingham girls are also partaking in Movember. Third-year student Megan Magee spoke to us about the fundraising her Chiefs rugby team are participating in and their motivation. Their focus stems from mental health- completing 60km in any physical activity to reflect the ’60 men we lose to suicide every hour, each hour across the world’.

Megan told us how she is motivated to “raise money and awareness to honour and represent the men close to her and members of her team, whose lives have tragically been taken by suicide.”

So far UON Rugby Chiefs have raised £1,014 for Movember. You can donate to UON Rugby Chief’s Movember page here.

Overall, the efforts for Movember are outstanding and funding such an important and relevant cause. So, stick it out with the mo’s, there are only a few days left. Who knows, you might decide to keep it after!

Featured Image via @UONRugbyChiefs on Instagram

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