Nottingham named as fourth most beer loving city in the UK

Time to get down to pub to get those numbers up

Online retailer “Real English Drinks” have conducted a survey on cities for beer lovers in the UK, naming Nottingham as the fourth, which is quite low number for us.

The list was composed using a number of factors, including: “the cost of a beer in a restaurant, the cost of a beer in the supermarket, the number of breweries, the average rating of the breweries, the number of beers brewed across the breweries and the number of pubs”. Each of these factors were rated up to a score of 35, with a total of 210 and the lower number being the higher score.

All of these were considered, and Notts has come up in fourth place. Not too shabby.

Notts were overtaken by Newcastle upon Tyne in first place, Derby second, and Wrexham third. Nottingham is home to 260 pubs, with students from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University frequenting a large number of them.

An average beer in Notts will set you back £2.89, being a student-friendly city, with a wide selection of pubs to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Get drinking lads.

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