10 things you’ll only understand if you’ve ever lived in Rutland Hall

Dutty Rutty is the place to be as a fresher

Rutland is quite possibly the most under-rated halls on campus. Despite what others may have you believe, anyone who’s lived in Rutland knows it really is the best hall. It’s cheap, it has modern rooms, it’s near David Ross and the downs, and has a community atmosphere, what more could you want? The iconic courtyard and the “fun-sized library” all add to its homely character.

That being said, I look back on my time in Rutland as bittersweet. There is a reason why the University of Nottingham halls are commonly known as “Dutty Rutty”. At times, it is infact, dutty. Regardless, Rutland is an iconic hall to live in, and here are ten whole reasons to prove it:

1. ‘Are you in the carpark or the turning circle?’

The ultimate takeaway roulette: has your driver gone to the Rutland Hall carpark or the turning circle. Or, if you get particularly bad luck, your driver will have gone to the hotel car park and you’ll have to walk the punishing extra minute to go and get your food from there. This is all happening whilst you are getting judgemental looks from the avid gym goers in David Ross. Leave me and my kebab alone.

2. Fire alarms are your worst enemy

Even now that I haven’t lived in Rutland for nearly a year, the fire alarm still haunts me. Whether it’s because someone has burnt their toast in the pantry or just sprayed their deodorant too close to the alarm, I can guarantee that at some point during your time at Rutland you’ll find yourself huddled outside in the rain, praying that security arrives soon to turn it off.

The worst thing is when people get drunk and deliberately set it off multiple times in the middle of the night, but there’s nothing that bonds you quite like hiding in the loos at 3am and waiting for the fire alarm to turn off. Bonus points if one of your housemates has a “special friend” over. Hiding from the fire alarm counts as a romantic first date.

3. You have to take your formal pictures in the courtyard

A classic hallmark of having been at Rutland is getting all dressed up for your formal and then taking pictures in the grotty but loveable and iconic courtyard. It’s always a bit of a gamble to see what your photo might have in the background though, be it empty cans, a couple of cigarette butts or a cute little campus bunny rabbit. It all just makes it more fun.

4. The library is the best place to pre

The JCR is always way too crowded and you can’t guarantee that you’ll secure the pantry before someone else does, but the library is generally always open and private. Plus, you can feel like a student for once as you’re technically in a learning space. Apologies to everyone who did a hard degree in first year and had to have their precious study time disrupted by unserious candidates.

5. Keep your kitchenware close

Keep your kitchenware close or it will simply get borrowed, never to be returned. Got a toastie maker? Great! Keep it in your room. You don’t even need proper utensils, you’re in catered halls for a reason. This also goes for takeaways too, always be vigilant, finders keepers.

6. Our rooms are actually decent

Rutland has a reputation for being a bit grotty and basic and, while I don’t dispute the grotty label, I do feel like it’s a bit hard done by as a hall. The interior of Rutland was refurbished recently, so our bedrooms are a lot nicer and more modern than ones you’d find in most of the other halls. We’ve got a nice neutral colour scheme of dark grey and white, while other halls look like they’re perpetually stuck in the 1960s.

7. The horrors of a shared bathroom

Genuinely, I still think getting a shared bathroom at uni is the best way to go as it’s so much cheaper and forces you to bond with your flatmates, but there are some truly traumatic things you’ll have to witness. Shared bathrooms really expose just how many people arrive at university with no concept of cleaning up after themselves.

8. You’d be served better food in prison

In all fairness, this point isn’t specific to Rutland and is more of a general campus accommodation issue, but the poor quality of the food is something I strongly remember from my time at Rutland. No hate to the people who prepare the food though, they’re always the friendliest faces at dinner.

9. There’s no excuse not to go to the gym

None whatsoever, it’s literally right there. If you can be bothered to shell out for the sports membership then this is probably really convenient for you. However, if you’re like the rest of us and find the idea of stepping foot in David Ross terrifying, then enjoy that lingering feeling of guilt as you see everyone else walking through the Rutland courtyard on their way to better their mind and body.

10. You love it really

You may get a lot of flack from other halls about Rutland perceived “duttyness” or its grotty reputation, but you and I both know that Rutland is head and shoulders the superior hall. It’s got a lot of character and you wouldn’t change a thing about it (except maybe the sensitivity of the fire alarms).

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