University of Nottingham taking legal action to evict travellers on University Park Campus

The university has commented on the recent encampment


An encampment of travellers pitched up on University Park Campus on Friday, June 17th, in the green area between Florence Boot Hall and the University Boulevard Co-op.

The University of Nottingham has commented saying: “We are extremely disappointed at this trespass and share the dismay of anyone who is being affected or inconvenienced by it.” The Co-op opposite the area has reportedly been temporarily closing due to issues in the last week

The university security teams are working with Nottinghamshire Police and the city council to “resolve the situation as soon as possible.” They have also reported  “a number of incidents of criminality allegedly linked to the encampment”, to the police.

Legal proceedings began as soon as the encampment settled, as the university is attempting to “obtain the necessary eviction notices to enforce its removal.”


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