The England cricket team went on a Notts night out and ended up with kebabs in Mega Munch

Turns out they’re just like the rest of us

The England cricket team enjoyed a much deserved late night kebab at Nottingham based chicken takeaway Mega Munch after their triumphant win against New Zealand at nearby Trent Bridge cricket ground on Tuesday 14th June.

The players were seen leaving Trent Bridge after post-game celebrations of cigars and beers had come to a close. They then headed into the city to enjoy a takeaway at Mega Munch before going to their £500-a-night hotel, just a short walk away.

In a video posted to TikTok by Mega Munch owner Akmal Hussain, the team can be seen merrily waiting for their orders after celebrations following their first Test series victory in over 18 months. A Test series is typically played over five days and is when two teams of 11 players face off. It usually involves four innings whereby each team bats and bowls twice. Each day’s play is typically six hours long which explains why mega kebabs were needed in order for the famished team to recover.

It would have been easy for this night to have been lost to the history books but the behind-the-counter pov filmed by owner Akmal is more than you could possibly wish for.

Mega Munch is popular with university students so we’re well accustomed to its surroundings but I think I see the takeaway shop in a newly glamorous light. The countdown timer to nothing paired with the song choice and starry visual effect gives the impression you’re watching a full blown production.

The kebab being precariously passed from England cricket players Joe Root to Ollie Pope had me on the edge of my seat. Chuck in the two men captured at approximately 24 seconds who I can confirm are not part of the England cricket team, and a viral video is born.


The video in question, later shared on Twitter by sports journalism graduate Daniel Senior, has amassed over 150 thousand views, with Daniel commenting: “Foakes still looking 10/10 after a heavy night.

“Root and Lees propping up the counter. Anderson getting excited for his order to be ready. Pope ordering far too much food. Crawley looking round at lads scrapping thinking “is this what the North is like?” What a team.”

Located at the end of Hurt’s Yard, just down from Cucamara and 400 rabbits, Mega Munch is a city-centre takeaway that offers kebabs, pizza, burgers and chicken. It has a respectable Google review rating of 3.9 stars and if it’s good enough for the England cricket team, it’s good enough for everyone.

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