Here is a list of all the things I won’t miss about uni

Some things are better left in the past

I have had an amazing three years and with all the highs and lows I can graduate with peace of mind knowing that I made the right choice coming to Nottingham.

Despite all the joys and fond memories I have of uni, whenever anyone asks me how I feel about graduating I simply reply, “I am ready to go” with a bright big smile on my face. And without sounding too cynical or dramatic, there are certain things associated with uni which I could happily live without and look forwards to no longer having to endure.

One night, I decided to create a list of all the things I won’t miss about uni and got some of my friends to add to this list. Some of you final years may be able to relate to some of these points.

Landlords in my case landladies

This has to be at the top of my list. I won’t go too in-depth with this but based on my experiences, after the devil himself, Landpeople have to be the worse people to have stepped foot on Earth.

The polic-ommunity protection officers

Bin collection day

Walking up the Portland steps

I am an avid gym-goer and love the step machine but for some reason, I could never hack the Portland steps. I often found that I had to hype myself before embarking on this trek, with a break to breathe halfway to the peak.

In fact, I hated walking up all steps, whether they be the steps within the Portland building or the ones in Hallward, without the lifts I think my attendance on campus would have been non-existent. But this is probably more a sign of my laziness.

Parties at 2am whilst I’m trying to sleep

Doing my diss

I started my dissertation with great a love for my idea and what it could develop into. By the end, following a marathon of late-night library sessions and a truckload of caffeinated drinks, I was simply a shell of myself.

So, would I recommend doing a dissertation if you have the choice? I honestly don’t know.

The resident rats

My shower

Some students were lucky enough – or affluent enough to rent homes with decent water pressure however, I was neither of these.

Exam season breakdowns

Waking up at 7am to get to the Derby hopper bus

Getting the coach

I used to love the novelty of getting on the coach and running away to Nottingham and felt like a money saving expert choosing this transport option over the train.

However, after one too many journeys being caged in with a screaming child or being subject to the lingering smell after someone used the in-built toilets in the older models, I won’t miss getting the coach too much.

Paying bills (especially now they’ve gone up)

I think the first real taste of adulthood wasn’t moving into my house or doing the first food shop but when the cost of bills recently went up. The day my bills provider informed my household that our bills were increasing by what felt like a tenfold, we all took to the group chat to express our disgust.

Now I am going back home, that’s a problem only my parents have to worry about (unless they ask me to pay rent).

Booking a room at the library

Getting kicked/ kicking someone out of a room in the library

This is only applicable if you actually book rooms.

When booking a room it’s your ‘legal’ right to claim your room at the allocated time. However, this doesn’t mean that the room will be empty when the time comes, with hopeful library-goers often praying that you decided not to attend your room booking.

All in all, whether you are doing the kicking out or, being kicked out, both experiences are equally as awkward. Although I must admit by mid-May most people do just give up kicking people out.

No socket where I’m studying

Being at my overdraft limit

Having an arranged overdraft should be a good thing however, many of us may find ourselves using the overdraft as a free piggy bank that will pay itself off after we magically get a graduate job. However, as a student, there is no feeling worse than falling down this slippery slope and finding yourself at £-1499 of a £1500 overdraft.

Now I am going back home, alongside actually saving the money I earn, I aim to leach off my parents for everything I need (food and shelter-wise).

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