A definitive ranking of the UoN degrees with the most sex appeal

Geography doesn’t even rank, I’m not sorry


If you’re applying to University of Nottingham and looking for inspiration as to what course you should study, forget UCAS: we have the conclusive list of the best degrees to study in terms of the most important thing – how sexy the students that study it are.

Maybe you’re conflicted as what to study because you don’t know which subject would have the most future marriage potential: The mysterious humanities student who’s ideal first date would be taking you to their favourite ‘underground’ indie coffee house, a nerdy STEM student who might try and manic-pixie-dream-girl-ify you, or just whoever has a degree that will make them loads of money when they graduate.

Or alternatively, maybe you’re just trying to figure out what department’s lecture hall to strategically place yourself in front of so you can find your next sneaky link. Either way, here’s a definitive ranking of the degrees at UoN with the most sex appeal.

1. Modern Languages

I think I speak for everyone when I say speaking a foreign language is probably the sexiest skill you can have. Especially if it’s something like French, the language of love, or even Italian – just imagine the homemade pizza dates. Who isn’t going to fall in love with someone who starts speaking another language to you, even if you don’t know what they’re saying?

Plus, speaking a foreign language makes you more employable, so once they graduate they’ll be rich enough to whisk you away to Paris or Milan. Be prepared for long distance when they have to do a year abroad in third year though.

2. Film

Dating film students always means you run the risk of them being a male manipulator, ready to gaslight you into thinking Quentin Tarantino is a good director who doesn’t have a foot fetish.

Film students always have great style, plus Netflix and chill counts as studying for them, so what’s not to love? And, if you do go on a date with a film bro and you’re not feeling it, just tell them Wes Anderson is overrated and you’ll never see them again.

3. Liberal arts

Okay, I might be slightly biased because this is actually my degree, but I am speaking from experience. The cool hair colours and nose piercings alone should be enough to make you fall in love with a liberal arts student, but if that’s not enough, don’t forget that because we do such a wide range of subjects, you’ll have tons to talk about, and maybe mutual course mates too.

But a word of advice, don’t ask us what our degree actually is because we already have to explain it to about ten different people a day.

4. Economics

Maybe a controversial take but if you stay well away from the stock market bros, cryptocurrency fetishists and Jordan Belfort idolisers, you might be able to find your soulmate in the School of Economics. You know they’ll be rich enough when they’re older that you can get away with bumming your way through your own degree – as long as you make sure not to tell them inflation isn’t real because they’ll probably dump you. Potential date idea: wine and dine at the Clive Granger vending machines?

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5. Psychology

I’ve included psych students because I think they have the perfect balance of still being STEM students meaning they’re smart but it doesn’t technically count as a science so they won’t be complete nerds.

If you find it hot being psychoanalysed by your partners and being told it was your daddy issues that pushed you into doing a “real degree” like law instead of English literature, a psychology student might be the one for you.

6. Any science or engineering

George Green date anyone? Science and engineering students do get a bit of a bad rep for being, well, massive virgins, but I do think that’s a bit unfair. Some of what they learn would probably even help them out once they muster up the courage to actually talk to a member of their preferred sex – like biology, for obvious reasons.

And because you know most of the male students have probably never felt the felt the touch of a woman before, they’ll be in love with you from the off. Plus, women in STEM? Biggest girlbosses at UoN.

7. Law

Finally, one of the sexiest degrees at University of Nottingham is Law. The sexy students on this course would be worthy of you pulling an Elle Woods and moving to Harvard for them if you had to. The only reason I’ve put law seventh on this list is because they have such an insane workload you may never see them unless you want to spend your whole life hanging around law and socialsSciences for them. Plus, the fact they’ll always win in an argument is not so sexy.

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