We came up with 63 Notts related Never Have I Evers so you don’t have to

Have fun at your next pres x

From the very first day that you arrive at uni you’ll play Ring of Fire and then you’ll just never stop. When its your first week of uni and you’re thrown in with a bunch of strangers, desperately trying to get drunk just to make things slightly less awkward then drinking games seem like a great idea.

But what you didn’t realise is that you’ll be playing those exact games for the next three years and I’m just going to put my hands up and say it, they’re boring.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of 63 Notts related Never Have I Evers to keep you busy at your next pres. Hopefully the list is long enough to prevent someone from suggesting you play Ring of Fire before the time comes to call the uber to Crisis.

Right grab yourself a drink and lets begin: Never have I ever

1. Never have I ever gone to Crisis and then made a 9am

2. Never have I ever bought a club ticket for an extortionate price on UniSalad

£30?! Since when was Crisis a festival? I guess it’s the price to pay for thinking you’d actually start queuing at 9pm.

Oh yeah and plus points if you have been moved to by someone on the app.

3. Never have I ever been exposed by the Pryzm bag search

The fact that they actually make you take all the contents out of your bags and pockets before going through the metal detector is great. But I can’t promise the people behind you in line won’t feel awkward about seeing your lube and mini vibrator in the tray.

4. Never have I ever thrown a cup off the Crisis balcony

5. Never have I ever attended absolutely every night out during Fresher’s Week

6. Never have I ever managed to get a rugby boy to give me their tie at Crisis

yeah girl get it x

7. Never have I ever given a girl my rugby tie at Crisis

Strictly against conduct, you simp

8. Never have I ever hit up the Maccies drive through at Castle Marina after a night out

9. Never have I ever met Andy Hoe

He’s practically Nottingham royalty at this point

Just the bois really

10. Never have I ever walked past a random house party in Lenton and just joined it

11. Never have I ever held or attended a themed Lenton house party

2000’s, dress as a character, anything but clothes etc.

12. Never have I ever been to Shapes

13. Never have I ever been to a Trent motive

14. Never have I ever been to an INVADES event

15. Never have I ever passed out at pres

and with a 9pm entry ticket? oh dear

Image may contain: Asleep

16. Never have I ever been to Unit 13

RIP Pom Pom

17. Never have I ever successfully given a song request to the DJ in Black Cherry Lounge or Pryzm Curve room

18. Never have I ever danced on the tables at Bierkeller

19. Never have I ever beefed someone for the hall that they’re in

or gotten beefed because you were in Rutland. Peak.

20. Never have I ever went for a swim in the lake on campus

21. Never have I ever been chased by the geese on campus

22. Never have I ever done a bar crawl of the bars on campus

just mooching around baby x

23. Never have I ever stolen a mug from the dining hall

24. Never have I ever Uber’d to another hall on campus

25. Never have I ever set off the fire alarm in halls

26. Never have I ever taken someone else’s order at Portland Coffee

27. Never have I ever been to Spar last minute on a Sunday to finish off your meal card credit

28. Never have I ever tried to spend meal card money on alcohol (then got rejected obvs)

Walking away from the till empty handed is worse than the walk of shame 

29. Never have I ever run for an empty booth in Monica Partridge

30. Never have I ever left a lecture to chunder when hungover

sleep, lecture

31. Never have I ever been told off by a hall warden for being too loud after hours

32. Never have I ever got with someone from Trent

Whether it was a 30-second peck or a full home run, it’s safe to say that you can avoid ever awkwardly bumping into them on campus.

33. Never have I ever shagged someone on campus

Besides the toilets in any of the libraries, honourable mentions include by Highfield’s lake and in the Millennium Gardens.

34. Never have I ever gone to David Ross knowing that the person you’re speaking to is there

The gym managers knew what they were doing when they put the weights section near the treadmills. What happens to be even more convenient is that the window also works as a mirror. hmm

35. Never have I ever bumped into my sneaky link in Sainsbury’s local

and THIS is a reminder of the time you bumped into THAT person which you kinda knew but not well enough during your walk of shame around Lenton. awks.

36. Never have I ever gone back to someone’s halls when you’re in second or third year

37. Never have I ever gone for a cheeky shag in all corners of the Lenton triangle

38. Never have I ever shagged in the showers in halls

39. Never have I ever had a hall neighbour tell you they could hear you shagging

40. Never have I ever gotten with anyone who wears a green Player Layer

41. Never have I ever not paid for a tram ticket

The night really begins with the stampede of students running from the ticket man and straight into the queue at Rock City

42. Never have I ever spontaneously travelled from East Midlands Airport

My guy you deserve a discount for that flight if you booked your holiday whilst you were drunk at that house party last night

43. Never have I ever been injured when riding a Wind Scooter

44. Never have I ever joined a ‘Nottingham Free Stuff’ group on Facebook

to get free stuff, obvs

45. Never have I ever queued up at Luvyababes on the day of Halloween

46. Never have I ever gone straight from Puregym to Maccies at Castle Marina

47. Never have I ever gone for an STI test at Cripps Health

48. Never have I ever played a game of rounders or had a snowball fight with the boys in Lenton Rec

49. Never have I ever stroked a deer in Wollaton Park

50. Never have I ever chundered on the tram

51. Never have I ever chatted up the birds in the Arboretum park

52. Never have I ever chatted up the birds in the Arboretum park

I’m talking about the animal this time

53. Never have I ever been to the Nottingham Caves

54. Never have I ever been to Nottingham Castle

55. Never have I ever completed an escape room in town

56. Never have I ever spent bonfire night at Forest Rec

57. Never have I ever gone in and out of the Nottingham Train Station without scanning your ticket

58. Never have I ever stolen a road sign and taken it back home/halls

59. Never have I ever fallen asleep and been featured on UoN Dream Stream

Hallward sleepers, sleep, study, studying

60. Never have I ever had Nottingham City Council reach out to you for whatever reason

We’re talking noise complaints, rubbish control, covid fines, you being a bellend, etc.

61. Never have I ever hopped the fence into someone else’s garden in Lenton

62. Never have I ever bought fireworks from The Fireworks Store on Derby Road

63. Never have I ever then set off said fireworks in the garden

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