Forget the alphabet, here is the Notts A-Z that every student should know

J, K, L, M, Notts

Being able to say you go to UoN or Trent is one thing, but being able to relate to each of these A to Zs means that you are a true Notts student. Take this as a checklist of 26 of things you can really say: be there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Here is a compiled list of classic Notts things, from clubs, geese, living legends to even a supermarket, this A-Z list of Nottingham is something you all should relate to, if not, strap yourself in as you are in for the best times of your life.

A – Andy Hoe

If you don’t know who Andy Hoe is then I don’t believe you’re a Notts student. The living legend himself, and practically Notts royalty at this point, Andy is the owner of the haven Ocean.

B – Big Tesco

Beeston’s big Tesco is a perfect place for a late night trip because let’s be real, every trip to big Tesco is a motive.

C – Crisis

Labelled as the best club night in the UK, catch it every Wednesday in Rock City – if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket. Filled with empty VK bottles being launched on the main floor, rugby boys in their shirts and ties, you will never have a dull moment here. With strobes, smoke, and sweat, this is the pinnacle of a Notts nights out.

D – David Ross Sports Village

This bad boy is one of the main reasons as to why UoN won Sports University of the Year back in 2019. Up the Green and Gold!

E – Evil geese

Student population: 39,000, geese population: probably about the same. The geese will constantly get in your way, whether you’re trying to cross the road on East Drive or stroll across the grass, you will always bump into them.

Just make sure not to anger them because these guys are fearless. You’ll be running the entire length of campus and back just to get away from them, and seeing as the campus is 330 acres, I’d advise not.

F – Fatsoma

Rule number one of uni, don’t get the freshers wristband.

G – Goose Fair

This one is absolute Notts student right of passage. Sadly cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 for only the 10th and 11th time in its 700 year history, the hope for it to go ahead in 2022 is at an all time high.

H – Highfield Park

One of the most picturesque places on UPC and home to the boating lake and mini gold, Highfield Park is a beautiful place for a wander or even just a deep, pondering, thinking session as you sit and watch the water. I can guarantee you that will take at least 10 dissertation photos here in your final year.

I – Ice Hockey Varsity

Uni of Nottingham vs Nottingham Trent, pick your side and prepare for a good night of rivalry and competitiveness.

J – Jubilee campus

Situated not too far from UPC, this colourful campus is the main campus for a lot of the students at UoN. Also situated very near the Rose and Crown, going out for a few drinks is so much easier than getting the tram all the way from the main campus.  Plus it is very near Lenton so it is an easy place to go and study if your final years.

K – Karni

A great way to experience new adventures while raising money for charities.

L – Lenton Triangle

The mass hub of student living from second year onwards, if you’re not there then what are you doing?

With one of the most expensive Sainsbury’s in the country and the only surviving cinema from WW2, with student tickets for a fiver, you are never more than a 10 minute walk from your mates.

M – Mooch

Cheap and cheerful, Mooch is a great little bar to go to post lectures to help unwind from university stress. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

N – Nottsfessional

The Nottsfessional is a beautiful melting pot of students anonymously declaring their love for someone, asking advice about uni work and complaining about their housemates. However, the 2021 freshers onwards won’t get to experience it as it has silently been deleted from existence. RIP Nottsfessional.

O – Ocean

Loved by UoN and Trent students alike, this one really doesn’t need an explanation. The cheesy tunes played will no doubt fill you with nostalgia and you’ll be one too many VKs deep to feel any shame about the fact you know all the words to High School Musical.

Just make sure to watch your heads as soon as the BayWatch theme song comes on or else risk taking a sweaty t-shirt to the face.

P – PlayerLayers

Really unmissable on UPC, green quarter zip tops are everywhere you turn. A true boast to be on the best team there is, the green and gold. Plus they suit everyone, a true piece of eye candy.


If you’re accident prone you have probably ended up here after a night out.

R – Rose and Crown

One of the best locals to exist, situated right at the beginning of Lenton, you will never fail to bump into at least someone you know. Watching the Euros 2020 here over summer with the pub heaving with UoN students was immaculate vibes *chefs kiss*.

S – Social Secs

You know you have made it when you’re a Social Sec for your society. In charge of running the show and making your society the best it can possibly be, you’re almost guaranteed BNOC status.

T – Trams

Debatably the best mode of transport ever, running every few minutes, cheap and easily located. If you’re not lucky enough to have them near you at home, by gum you will miss them and their convenience. Just make sure to buy a ticket as the £50 fine is no joke.

U – Uber Eats

Okay so this isn’t entirely just for Nottingham but it is a student staple across the country. Meet your new best friend, Uber Eats. A great companion for when you are drunk or just if you aren’t in the mood to cook or eat catered food.

V – VKs

At only a couple of quid and tasting like juice, you really can’t go wrong with a VK. What a perfect drink to get you slightly waved before heading to the shots.

W – Wollaton

Situated right next to University Park campus, Wollaton is the perfect place for a relaxing walk or picnic. I guarantee you will go on at least one date here over your time at university.

X – Xmas Market

Despite it receiving backlash last year by going ahead in a Tier 3 Nottingham, the Christmas market really is a great way to get into the festive spirit with your friends before you all leave the city for the holidays.

Y – Yellow Wind Scooters

Wind scooters really are the coolest trend to bless the city. Cheap and convenient, if you can’t be bothered to walk to campus for your 9am lecture, just hope on one of these and you’ll be there in no time.

Z – Zzzzzz

For the lack of Zs you’re going to catch. Whether it be seshing or studying, say hello to the five hours of sleep max you’ll average over your time at university.

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