If you did these 10 things in Freshers’ Week then congrats you’re officially a Notts student

Forget going to Crisis, these were the real Freshers’ Week rites of passage


So we all know the basics of Freshers’ week: seven days of meeting more people than names you’ll ever remember, partying into the early hours and, if you find the time in between, welcome talks for the course you actually came here for.

But how about the specific Notts milestones that mean you’re now a Nottingham student for life?

Here’s a checklist of 10 things that prove you did Notts Freshers’ Week right.

Rowing on the campus lake

Kicking it off with the ultimate campus activity because what better way to bond with your new flatmates than being literally stuck in a boat with them? Bonus points if you got an artsy picture of the Trent building while you were at it.

Got free Dominoes at the top of Portland

Did you really do Freshers’ week right if you didn’t take full advantage of the free pizza? I think not. Or, if you were patient enough to wait in the queue, a free McFlurry? You’ve earned it after your trek up Portland hill after all.

Walked a lap of Highfield Park to pretend you’re being healthy 

When the endless nights out have finally caught up with you and you realise you haven’t seen the sunlight in a week, what better way to kick yourself into a normal routine than pretending you have your shit together and taking a walk around University Park Campus’ beautiful Highfield Park.

Tried to use your meal card in Boots

Just in case everyone in the queue didn’t already know you’re a fresher, they now do. We’ve all been there. For now, you’ll have to hang on a bit longer until second year for your beloved meal deal and do a walk of shame to Spar instead.

Failing this, made your first trip to Spar

If you live on campus, it will probably be the first of what becomes a weekly Sunday pilgrimage, phone calculator at the ready, to use up the last of your daily bites meal card.

Make sure you go early in the day if you want to have a decent selection of food. Get ready for some random purchases: a 3p flump or happy hippo to make every last penny of that £28 count.

We’ll provide the place, but you guys have got the pose x

Taken a photo at the Nottingham sign to show off to home mates

UoN’s answer to the Hollywood sign is an obligatory trip for any Fresher. Recommend you get your picture in now while it’s still looking fresh from its recent restoration.

Caught Freshers’ Flu

There’s no escaping it and once you’ve caught it prepare for it to last weeks on end. This one’s particularly problematic in Covid times.

Prepare to hold your coughs in everywhere you go to avoid glares in public and make sure everyone you meet knows “it’s not Covid”.

Took your first trip on the tram and marvelled at the convenience

One of the quirky things about Nottingham is the tram and you probably couldn’t wait to try out this new mode of transport. Just make sure you actually pay as no one wants to start off first year with a £50 fine.

Got called ‘duck’ by a local

No, a stranger didn’t just swear at you, they called you ‘duck’. The classic midlands term of endearment, you are guaranteed to be called this many times over your time in Notts, most likely by a shopkeeper or bus driver.

Heard the myths about Ocean

Who is Andy Hoe and why does everyone follow him on Instagram? Why is everyone waving their tops in the air to an 80s Tv show theme song? Your first visit will probably leave you a bit baffled but you’ll grow to love it.

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