After brain tumour surgery, this NTU student is running 13 miles to raise awareness

She had to delay uni for a year

Samiya Garrod was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2018 at just 18 years old. After a few years of bad migraines and dizzy spells, she underwent surgery which was successful in removing the majority of the tumour.

She now plans to run a half-marathon three years to the day after her surgery to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity in the hope that it will help others and raise awareness.

Samiya’s journey through university was put on hold when she had to defer due to the life-changing news.

Samiya describes receiving the news of her brain tumour as a “big shock and not something you expect as an 18-year-old about to go to university.”

She still undergoes regular scans to monitor the disease. It is important to keep on top of it; brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of people under 40 in the UK.

Samiya told us that during her time in hospital, the Brain Tumour Charity helped to support her and her family through the process. Without their help, it can be “extremely draining for the support groups of brain tumour patients,” she said.

For this reason, The Brain Tumour Charity is close to Samiya’s heart and she feels she needs to do her part to contribute to research and support for other patients. Samiya will be running a half marathon on August 17th, three years to the day after her surgery, for the cause.

She hopes to raise as much money as possible and has set up a Go Fund Me. She has currently reached £490 of her original £500 goal and has decided to raise her goal to £1000.

Samiya says suffering from the brain tumour made her realise how important it is it “stay positive both mentally and physically.” She also says that she is grateful for “having a good support unit throughout these life experiences” which is “so important in keeping your head up.”

She is “back to normal now and getting on with life as a student” at Nottingham Trent University where she says she has a great support system of friends.

To find out more about her cause or to donate, click here.

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