What your road in Lenton says about you

If you live on Harrington you’re probably a BNOC

Lenton, the hub of Notts student life, is blessed with a vast range of cultures and vibes. Each road radiates such an energy that it’s impossible to ignore the stereotypes and inevitable truth of what your road says about you.

Lenton Boulevard and beyond

They class themselves as Lenton residents, but those living beyond that significant Lenton boulevard checkpoint really are holding on for dear life. It can’t be ignored that these houses are situated significantly closer to campus than the average Lenton residence; suspiciously close, in fact.

They start their day in the early hours of the morning with a brisk walk onto campus, grab their matcha latte from Starbucks and spend all day cooped up in the library to finish the pre-seminar readings, two weeks ahead of schedule. Some might call it drive and motivation, others would describe this as an abomination to the reckless university lifestyle.

Most likely to: live in a quiet, countryside cottage, with their partner, five kids, three dogs, six cats and a couple of chickens.

Cycle Road and Johnson Road

Picture this: you and your housemates are on the sixth house viewing of the week to try and find that perfect student crib. The estate agent tells you they’ve got one more property to look at, and you make your way there. Finally (because it is just so far away), you rock up to 55 Cycle Road. You and your friends give each other ‘the look’, but as the polite young adults you are, you falsely smile throughout the whole viewing, knowing full well you will never set foot in one of those houses again and god forbid sign the contract to live there.

Harrington and Harlaxton Drive

Now as we move up Derby Road, we stumble upon some staple Lenton streets. Just a short walk up the hill from Sainsbury’s local, the residents of Harrington and Harlaxton Drive are luxing out in their lavish £130 a week cribs (bills NOT included). Saying that, I’m not sure these Notts students need their ego’s stroked, they already rate themselves as the big names on campus, with football and rugby ties flying about all over the gaff.

The same can’t be said for those living beyond those dreaded bollards. The fact it takes longer to drive than it does to walk speaks for itself really. As an innocent first year, you knew the roads to look on, and congrats, you secured yourself a spot! They claim to be located in the midst of the hype that is Harrington and Harlaxton, but just fell that little bit short. But, don’t worry-you’re doing amazing sweetie.

The Super Six squad

Let us introduce you to the super six squad of Lenton, otherwise known as its most elite roads. Starting at the bottom, we have Teversal a short but modest road. No complaints here though, bang outside Lenton’s top sights Sainsbury’s and the Savoy (that’s pretty much it tbh), these students have finessed an ideal location and are a welcomed addition to the Lenton community.

Next up, we have Rothesay Avenue, the biggest BNOC in all of Lenton thanks to our good mate Banksy. What drove Banksy to bless this road with his art is questionable – was it the elicit mark of shoes hanging over telephone lines, or the overflowing sewers? We will never know.

Now it’s time to introduce you to our good friend Kimbo. A truly popular road in ends, but what gives Kimbolton its extra edge is that gorgeous crown resting on top of its head. Labelled the most burgled road in the UK in 2006, Kimbolton residents should sleep with one eye open, and all windows shut.

Sandwiched in-between the super six of Lenton, lies the very special Derby Grove. Not to be biased, but Derby Grove might possibly be the best road not only in Lenton, Nottingham or even England- but the entire fucking world. It is here that the true legends lie; the creme-de-la-creme of Notts uni, if you will. Although it does have to be said that despite its pristine appearance, it is unbearably narrow and makes for one hell of a parallel park (so you think I’m SKINNYYY).

Lastly, we make our way to Albert Grove and Balfour Road. To be quite honest, there isn’t anything particularly breathtaking about these Lenton lanes. Listen, now I’m not saying the people living here are boring, but let’s just say you’re not going to find any 10k fines in this vicinity. They’re nice to be around, put in a fair graft at uni, and just because they only go out once a fortnight, doesn’t mean they’re not party animals, does it?

Top of Derby Road

Finally, through blood, sweat and tears, we’ve reached that dreaded top of the hill, where Douglas Road, Seely Road and Arundel Street are full of students with one thing in common: they never skip leg day. The word ‘stroll’ is completely absent from their vocabulary as even a simple walk home from the bus stop might as well be a hike up Mount Everest. Three peaks challenge? Completed it mate. PSA: don’t wear a grey t-shirt.