Man who killed UoN student in Lenton hit and run jailed for six years

UoN fresher William Christmas was described as ‘kind and thoughful’

A man has been jailed for six years for killing a first year UoN student in a drunken hit-and-run in Lenton in March last year.

William Christmas was killed after being struck by a car outside Derby Road’s Sainsbury’s while out celebrating before his 20th birthday.

Manish Shah, who was jailed for six years and nine months yesterday, was almost three times over the drink drive limit and claimed he thought Christmas was fine, despite extensive damage to his car.

Shah, 38, from Loughborough, was arrested half-a-mile away from the scene when police spotted his damaged Ford Focus travelling at 47mph in a 30mph zone.

He refused to provide a breath and blood sample, however, officers managed to obtain a urine sample where they discovered that he had almost three times the legal limit of alcohol.

Manish Shah (Image source: SWNS)

Shah did not have insurance, a valid driving licence, nor an MOT on his vehicle. He later admitted to causing death by dangerous driving and a separate charge of dangerous driving.

Sergeant Adam Cooper, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This has been a very difficult and long road for the family, who will never come to terms with what has happened to their beloved son, grandson and twin brother.

“This incident is a complete tragedy which has seen an innocent young life with so much potential, wrongly taken from his family at the hands of Shah.

“Shah held absolutely no regard for Mr Christmas’s life after leaving him dying in the road.

“The family’s only comfort is that Shah has now rightly gone to prison for a long time as this case comes to an end.

“We hope that this serves as an example to drink-drivers and dangerous drivers and makes them think twice before getting behind the wheel or driving recklessly.

(Image Source: SWNS)

“I would strongly encourage the public to challenge anyone they think might be about to drink-drive. The consequences can be devastating.

“At this time our thoughts are with Mr Christmas’s family and friends, both at university and at his hometown of Dorset, who have all been severely affected by his loss.”

A spokesperson for the University of Nottingham said: “William was a valued member of our University community and this was a tragic waste of a young life.

“Our thoughts remain with William’s family and friends as they continue to come to terms with his devastating loss.”

Featured image source: SWNS