This Notts student went viral after drunkenly pre-ordering £103 worth of curry for the next morning

‘I love curry so I don’t mind’


A University of Nottingham student’s post of how she drunkenly pre-ordered £103 worth of food from Deliveroo for the next morning has gone viral.

To find some comfort and support in the light of her silly mistake, Anna decided to post about her mishap to the greatest student community of all time: Facebook’s (Notts) Buy/Sell page where her post amassed nearly 350 likes.

When Anna, a third year geography student, decided to have a few drinks with her housemates for the first time in a couple of months, she greatly over-estimated how much she could handle.

There is only one logical solution when you’re wanting to sleep but your head is spinning which is to order food to soak up all the alcohol, and that is exactly what Anna did.

However, in her drunken state, she made a grave error that we’ve all nearly fallen for before – she placed an order with restaurants that were currently closed, meaning that the food would not be delivered until the next day.

Anna told The Tab Notts: “I have a blurry memory of me in bed at around 5-6am really fancying a curry and I think I wanted a sort of Indian buffet situation and looking back that idea still sounds brilliant”.

It wasn’t until Anna woke up the next morning that she realised the extent of her blunder: “I woke up to find half of the contents of my fridge either by my bedside or in bed with me and notifications from Deliveroo letting me know my meals were being prepared”.

Upon checking her phone Anna realised she had placed not only an order for curry, including a whopping three mango chutneys, but that she had also placed an order for Mexican food as well.

“At this point it was too late to cancel”,  Anna said. “In the next hour all my housemates gathered around me as more and more food parcels started arriving at the door, much to their amusement.

“I’m now £103 down and might have to sell a kidney in order to financially recover from this but at least I don’t have to worry about cooking myself anything for a good week and a half.”

I wouldn’t worry Anna, there are definitely worse mistakes to have made whilst drunk.

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