Buy / Sell members come together to deliver Rizla to students in isolation

Sometimes you just need a cig

When Alex and his housemates realised they had completely run out of cigarette papers whilst in isolation, they did what anyone else would do and turned to the greatest student community of all time: Facebook’s (Notts) Buy/Sell page for help.


Alex Davison, a recent University of Nottingham history graduate, had been in isolation for three days when he came to the devastating realisation that not only himself, but all of his UoN housemates, had run out of Rizla and had no way of rolling a much needed cig.

Being in isolation meant they had no way of obtaining papers themselves and with a Tesco delivery still days away but a cig needed imminently, he turned to the only option he had: Buy/Sell.

Thankfully, the members of Buy/Sell came together to help these students in need. Another UoN student Mia Jordan, after seeing Alex’s Facebook post, purchased papers for them and was able to deliver the goods (socially distanced of course).

Alex told The Tab Notts: “We were all just shocked that someone was willing to walk 12 minutes at 1am to deliver some papers to people in need. Imagine being that nice.”

Whilst Alex appreciates the effort that Mia went to he admits, “I feel like such a fraud I’m only a social smoker but it was still pretty incredible”.

In these troubling times, it is heartwarming stories like these of communities coming together to support each other that keep us all going.

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