Eight things you’ll only understand if you’ve ever lived in Lenton

You haven’t felt rejection like the bus drivers ignoring your stop at 8:55am

As far as towns go, Lenton really is something else. Not many places can boast having had the most expensive Sainsbury’s, the most burgled street and the most COVID cases in Britain.

Lenton has its own culture, its own fashion, and its own breed of people. As a student in Lenton there are some things that are just a set way of life, and if you don’t recognise these- you probably live in Dunkirk.

The 9am bus rush

If you got chills just reading that, then you know the pain. Standing at Lenny B bus stop at 8:30am, watching all those Harrington bus stop people crammed into four buses in a row. You can’t believe this many people actually live in Lenton, never mind go to their morning lectures. Despite this you will never walk to a higher bus stop, let alone all the way to campus. Much easier to wrestle some strangers to get on to the 34.

PSA: If you don’t know what I’m on about, you need to start attending your 9ams.

Pre-social Wednesday’s

We haven’t experienced this one in a while, but if you ever had the misfortune of coming home from uni at 5pm on a Wednesday, then you’ll be familiar with trying to avoid groups of sports people in shirts and ties or some random fancy dress (think lacrosse players dressed as babies, or rugby boys dressed in their housemate’s skirt).

No matter where you went, the streets in Lenton were flooded with sports people preparing for their pre-Crisis socials, strawpedo-ing their cheap wine, and praying they don’t get kicked out of Rock City again.

Medics Rugby + Flower Power = Your perfect Wednesday night

Thursday walk of shame

There’s nothing worse than walking up Derby Road… other than walking up it on a Thursday morning, hungover, in some random person’s hoodie and a mild sense of shame.  All you can do is keep your head down, avoid those people going to their 9am (I know right?), and pray you don’t see your one night stand that evening in Saino’s.

You’re lying if you say you haven’t seen her walking down Derby Road on a Thursday morning x

Rose and Crown and Sheaves

Potentially the heart and soul of Lenton, just a hint of sun will have these beer gardens filled with students missing lectures and the familiar green quarter zips drinking after their Wednesday matches. They’re like that old t-shirt you never get rid of; not the nicest, but you still love it. The Lenton pubs are always there if you need a cheap pint or an excuse to not go to uni.

Miss u x


We’ve progressed from nightly noise complaints and PCO visits to being the first town to get the big ol’ 10k fine, and a considerable amount since then. Even now, one of our very own are on their way to court to stand trial. Need I say more?

The Scooters

If you have no idea what I’m on about then, honestly, you need to get out your house more. The scooters have spread across Lenton faster than corona (maybe?) but with a much more positive reaction. It’s hard to walk anywhere now without a group of people scootering past you on the yellow scooters, a slight air of smugness about them as they cruise up Derby Road whilst you’re trying to hide the fact you’re out of breath.

12p per minute? It’s a yes from me.

The Banksy, that almost was

Why a world-renowned artist chose Rothesay for his recent work, we’ll never know. But the renowned feature of Lenton quickly became part of our identity, with queues down the road just to get a photo with it, all of which can be seen on everyone’s Tinder profile.

But alas, no longer. To the heartbreak of Lenton residents far and wide, our beloved icon has tragically been taken away from us. The artwork has apparently been sold to an art gallery in Essex. Now, all that is left is but a sad wooden slab. Gone, but never forgotten.

Bin stealing

You’ve either had your bin stolen or know someone who has. All too often Buy and Sell is flooded with people asking for their bins back and there isn’t much explanation as to why it happens. We don’t know if it’s students playing pranks, people stealing bins in a malicious way (don’t ask) or people trying to replace their own stolen bins. All we know is that in Lenton it does happen, way too much.