92 per cent of Notts students say their mental health has suffered as a result of the pandemic

‘It all just got too much’


10 months ago our world was turned upside down. Everything we knew, and everything we loved about uni was about to be taken away from us, and we had no idea it was even coming.

Now, 92 per cent of Nottingham students feel as though their mental health has suffered as a result of the pandemic, a poll on the Nottingham Tab’s Instagram has revealed. Over 2000 students responded.

An additional 76 per cent admitted that their mental health has got even worse since the introduction of the third national lockdown.

These shocking stats lend themselves to a much wider narrative: students, all over the UK, are suffering.

‘It all just got too much and for a while I really struggled to function normally’

Mia*, a second year student studying modern languages, responded to our poll, to point out that she’s been going through a particularly tough time recently.

She said: “I’ve recently gone through a break up from a relationship that was getting quite toxic, all through the second and third lockdown. Going through it all while being stuck inside was really hard, and having to try and focus on uni at the same time was so difficult, especially with the weather getting so dark and depressing recently.

It just all got too much and for a while I really struggled to function normally, but luckily my housemates were always checking up on me, making sure I was getting out of bed in the morning and eating and stuff. I’m doing a lot better now thankfully, but it’s been such a struggle, and to top it all off I’ve had quite a busy exam timetable.”

‘Mental health wise, it’s been a disaster’

Sophie*, a final year MSci student, told the Nottingham Tab that things have been particularly difficult, as she’s been shielding for the better part of a year now.

She said: “I have a pre-existing condition which makes me extremely clinically vulnerable to covid. This term, I’m basically non-functional. I’m in my final year of an MSci, but may have to graduate with a BSc if I can’t complete my modules. Mental health wise, the whole pandemic has been a disaster. I’ve had to put my life on hold for nearly a full year at this point. It’s just been crushing.

‘There just doesn’t feel like there will be an end to it’

The third lockdown has put an additional strain on so many students. Tom*, a film studies student at UoN admitted that he’s finding it harder now than he did at the beginning of the pandemic.

He said: “With the first lockdown everyone had the perception that it will only be for a certain amount of time and that it will be over soon. And June to September there was a lot of positivity, we had more freedom. But since then the measurements have increased, the feeling of being confined and trapped gets worse.

“Now we’re in the third lockdown, just doesn’t feel like there will be an end to it. Things like feeling lonely intensifies and it has had a major effect on my motivation to do anything. It’s taking a lot longer to want to attempt to write anything, and online lectures on top of this doesn’t help as everything is isolated.”

Nottingham students have come together in various instances; begging for some support from the university. They have organised an open letter to the VC for a safety-net policy, rent strikes for rent reduction and a group to protest the treatment of students.

These stats clearly show that Nottingham students need, and deserve more support. More has to be done.

Names marked with an (*) are fake names, changed on the grounds of preserving anonymity.