UoN has given out the highest number of Covid-19 fines in the whole of the UK

608 fines have been issued to Notts students who have breached Covid rules

The University of Nottingham has handed out 608 fines to their students for breaking Covid rules – more than any other university in the country.

48 students have been fined for a breach of Covid regulations – these are usually combined with anti-social behaviour fines.

7 students have had suspended fines totalling £990.

41 students have had fines totalling £2925 – less than 5 of these were for Covid discipline as well as cannabis possession.

560 students have been issued with formal warnings.

The second largest number of fines were issued by Oxford Brookes University, but this is still almost half of the amount that UoN has given out.

UK universities with the highest number of Covid fines:

  1. University of Nottingham – 608
  2. Oxford Brookes University – 340
  3. The University of Manchester – 334
  4. University of Liverpool – 262
  5. University of Warwick – 182

Although UoN has given out the largest number of fines in the country, other UK universities have asked students to pay more for breaching Covid rules. Oxford Brookes is at the top of the list – with fines adding up to a whopping £18,950, followed by Royal Holloway (£8,200) and Manchester Metropolitan University (£7,800), whereas UoN has only fined students a total of £3,915.

A spokesperson from the University of Nottingham has stated: “While no students have yet been suspended or expelled,  our communications are very clear that the University will not hesitate to use these sanctions for serious or repeated breaches of the guidelines.”

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