Voting open to rename the Teaching and Learning Building after influential Notts female figure

You can cast your vote today!

When the Teaching and Learning building opened in September 2018 it seemed whoever was granted the task of naming it lacked inspiration. They seemingly thought: Well, what will do people do in this building? They will teach and they will learn. Brilliant! We’ll name it that, leading to the self-professed most uncreatively and most wordy named building on campus.

Therefore, in honour of International Women’s Day the university is asking students to help rename the building after an influential female associated with the university. Last year they asked students to nominate women to name the building after and with over 100 nominations they have narrowed it down to a shortlist of 3 options that students can vote on.

The shortlist consists of: Meena Alexander, award-winning poet and scholar, Helena Brownsword Dowson, magistrate, councillor, and champion of women’s suffrage and education and, Monica Partridge, the University of Nottingham’s first woman professor. You can cast your vote here.

Many buildings on University Park campus are named after influential males, with the likes of Sir Clive Granger, Reginald Coates, George Green and so on, but there are none as of yet named after females of notoriety.

With so many influential and powerful women to come out of the university, it is disappointing that it took International Women’s Day to prompt this change. However, this is definitely a step in the right direction towards gender equality and recognition on campus.

Who will you be voting for?

Goodbye T&L, you will not be missed.