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Trent kick out student for ‘anti-semitic’ Tinder picture

He was suspended in September pending investigation


First year Jonathan who had been suspended over photoshopping a Palestinian flag over a sleeping Orthodox Jewish man for his Tinder profile has now been expelled and asked to leave Nottingham Trent.

A Nottingham Trent University spokesperson said: “We can confirm that a student has been permanently excluded from the university, relating to offensive content which circulated on social media in September."

An investigation was launched by Nottingham Trent University immediately after they become aware of the screenshot on Twitter, "which showed unacceptable behaviour from a student on their personal profile."

Jonathan had not yet begun his first year at Trent. He was immediately identified, interviewed and suspended, pending an investigation led by the university disciplinary panel.

When the incident came to light, the Union of Jewish Students told The Nottingham Tab they were “disgusted” by Jonathan's actions.

“This behaviour was completely unacceptable and is not recognised as part of our university’s culture," said Nottingham Trent University's spokesperson.

"We have a diverse, inclusive and global community of which we are proud, and we endeavour to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, harmony and respect. Any behaviour which deviates from this will not be tolerated at NTU.”

Jonathan was reached for comment, but declined to comment on the matter.

However, when The Nottingham Tab first reported the story, he apologised for the picture, saying: "That was indeed a terrible picture, absolutely insensitive and should not have been taken in the first place."

He additionally said: "I should also mention the fact that I am in no way antisemitic or have any kind of prejudice towards Jews."

If you have seen or heard something blatantly anti-Semitic at University, call the CST Emergency Number at 0800 032 3263 or email [email protected].