Crisis bought a plane ticket for Notts student to return from Barcelona

They’ve only gone and done it!

The rush in Sainsbury's, the boys in ties walking down Derby Road, the preed and inebriated students lining Talbot Street. Crisis is what epitomises living in Lenton, and the short but sweet three years that students grace Nottingham.

Although, Crisis sucks when you don't have a ticket – the bane of every student experiencing critical FOMO on a Wednesday night. It also sucks when you have a ticket, but live 1300km away from Nottingham and have no clue on how you're going to get back for the night.

For Philippa Hood, a third-year student studying French and Spanish in Barcelona on her year abroad, this was a formidable and very real problem. She needed to get to Crisis.

Initially, Philippa bought tickets to Crisis on October 2nd for her friends back in Nottingham. "Everyone had so much fun at the all nighter on the 26th", Philippa said, "that it made me want to come home".

Crisis' twitter account, @ilove_CRISIS, replied back to her in 15 minutes pleading for someone to help her out on her search for tickets from Barcelona to Luton then up to Nottingham – a journey Philippa estimated worth up to £350.

The next day on the 26th, the day of the all nighter, Crisis tweeted her with flight and train details from Barcelona to Luton – too good to be true.

Only an hour and a half later, Crisis confirmed on their Twitter account that they purchased a return flight to Luton airport for Philippa to attend Crisis on October 2nd. What a score!

Philippa thought that instead of Crisis donating her a flight and train ticket, donations of £1 each from students in Nottingham was more likely. It began "as more of a joke at the start but I did hope I could make it happen".

She recounts that getting to Nottingham shouldn't be a problem for her, but "the flight back with a hangover is going to be interesting". We wish her all the best on her trip down to Nottingham.