The sweetest places to procrastin-eat in Nottingham during exams

Exams are a piece of cake really

The best way to procrastinate is to eat. Your housemate that goes to the gym to procrastinate, they’re wrong.

Feeling stressed? Eat. Got 4 days to write your whole dissertation? Eat. Need some motivation to get your revision done? Eat.

The only joy in these dark days of endless hours of revision and barely leaving the house or the library is food. And we’re here to help you find that sliver of happiness, here is a list of the best places to get a sugary sweet treat to help you procrastin-eat all of your exam troubles away.

Pudding Pantry 

You knew this would be on here. It’s a classic place for Nottingham students to go and its really convenient to get to if, oh look oops I forgot to get off the bus at the library and now here I am in town, what a shame.

Look at this. Tell me that’s not what you need right now to get through today. Also, they serve pancakes, which are breakfast, and breakfast is super important to succeeding in your exams. What a winner.

200 Degrees 

There’s two of these independent coffee shops in town and they sell some amazing cakes as well as really really good coffee. Inside is probably worth an instagram with its paneled walls and cool interior features, and it makes a refreshing change to the bleak walls of Hallward too.

The donuts you see in this picture, they’re vegan, yes, vegan. Basically healthy brain food amirite?

Park Stores

This one is perfect if you really don’t have time to breathe, let alone sit in a cafe. It right at the top of Derby Road so close to home for most of us, and its a takeaway service so you can get right back to your desk with one of these cupcakes.

It’s all local produce in Park Stores too so you’re being a great citizen and helping the community as you procrastin-eat your way through their whole collection.

Small Food Bakery 

Another one close to home, this bakery on Seely Road is perfect if you’re an early riser during exams. Its usually really busy on the weekends and everything sells out pretty fast but if you’re early enough during the week they have some amazing things on offer, all made in house.

Have you ever wanted a donut more??

Wired Cafe 

Another independent coffee shop to bless your day. Their hot chocolates are INSANE and definitely have enough sugar in to fuel an all nighter.

It beats Hallward coffee any day and they’ve got a great lunch menu too if you need a longer break.


As the name suggests, all the cakes here are homemade and vary every day, so that’s a definite excuse to go more than once.

The huge variety might be too much for your revision fried brain, fear not, if in doubt go for chocolate.

Heavenly Desserts

WAFFLES. So many waffles. And that is all you need to know.


Hopefully something on this list has tickled your fancy, treat yo’self, its the only way to make it through this hell.