Butlers with Bums are recruiting in Nottingham

Looking good shirtless could earn you up to £35 an hour

The company Butlers with Bums, who specialise in providing topless models for hen dos, birthday parties, and corporate events, have began recruiting in the Nottingham area.

The demand for buff butlers across the UK has begun to negatively effect their availability in Nottingham and Sheffield, so if you’re a good looking gentleman and your 2017 gym resolutions are paying off, this may be the position for you.

The company is primarily looking for applicants over the age of 20. Ideally you need to be outgoing, nicely groomed and in great physical shape. The earning potential ranges from £30 an hour to £70 for three hours, and your travel costs would also be covered. The job description includes attending events such as hen dos and birthday parties in nothing but a small apron – providing a full view of the bum. The uniform is completed with a collar, cuffs and a bow tie.

Training would be offered to successful candidates which would include teaching you how to behave like a butler, as well as a life drawing model. On top of the great benefits mentioned above, this could job has the potential to open doors to those who have ambitions of performing in the touring ‘Adonis’ show.

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been waiting for, apply here today.