Join the petition to get a slide in George Green

Still less pointless than the chess set

One student’s outrage at the number of pointless additions to campus this year has led to his own idea – a slide in George Green.

The new George Green has been under construction for 3 years now, and its pretty much completed, so this finishing touch seems perfect.

200 signatures are needed to get the university to consider the petition, and as of 2pm today it had 164 so its within touching distance.

Posted under the alias of ‘Ben Dover’ on, the justification (if you need it) for why a slide is so vital, is pretty convincing:

“Stairs take a lot of time and effort. With every year creating more workload for students, every second is vital. A well constructed slide, much like those found in the Google headquarters will improve both student productivity and campus morale.”

The student behind it, Wye Bar, said the idea came to him when he was revising on one of the top floors of the library and thought how much easier it would be to get down if there was a slide in there.

every second counts

“The Google offices sprung to mind and slides seem to work well there. So, then I set up the petition and after getting a few signings from my mates I decided it would be best on buy/sell. I saw a Gregg’s petition a few weeks ago and backed this one to do well. When posting, I thought that I’d also take a little dig at the unis frivolous spending on things like the chess set.”

He says the response has been great so far and knowing so many people want a slide or found it funny has made revision slightly more bearable.



George Green, Google, whats the difference really?

If you agree, you can find the petition here