Nottingham student starts a petition to get a Greggs on campus

Please no more Starbucks

Nottingham student Ben Curley has started a petition to get a Greggs on campus.

He’s one of the 300 students who are tired of the food choices on Uni Park, who have all signed.

The description of the petition reads: “We are tired of the Boots meal deals, the dead-out vending machines in Hallward library and the extortionate prices of Costa and Starbucks.

“Sign this petition and we can put a stop to 9am misery, Greggs on University Park Campus- sausage rolls all round.”

He’s got a point.

So far the petition has just over 300 signatures, despite the Buy/Sell post having over 400 likes. It will need 200 more in order for it to be sent to the university.

The support in the comments is strong though:

“I want sausage rolls”

“Greggs is bae”

“Campus needs a bit of heaven”

With one person going so far as to say:

“I personally believe that denying university students easy access to a Greggs should be considered a breach of fundamental human rights.”

The need for a Greggs is clearly one felt by hundreds of UoN students. Don’t hold out too much hope though, we’re more likely to get another screen before we get a Greggs.

you can sign the petition here: