Andy Hoe had tea with the third years who bought the most Ocean tickets

Milk and two sugars

This is not a drill. King of Ocean and student favourite, Andy Hoe, surprised adoring fans this afternoon by dropping in to a group of third years’ for a quick cuppa.

Andy announced today on his live stream on Facebook that he would be stopping by a house that had bought a “ridiculous” amount of Ocean tickets over the past year. From here, he planned to turn the host house into a makeshift distribution post, to hand out t-shirts for tonights highly anticipated GraduOcean.

Hoe’s visit looked in jeopardy when the Ocean boss couldn’t find a parking space and an enormous group started chasing his red Jeep down Derby Road.

Mobbed but not defeated, Andy resumed his quest towards the house on Lenton Boulevard and was soon welcomed in to the girls’ house of six for a piping hot brew.

Emily Longhurst, third year geographer, was selected for Andy’s special visit because of her extraordinary spend on Ocean tickets this year, which totalled over £600.

Overwhelmed Ocean devotee, Emily, said: “This dwarfs my 2-1. Greatest achievement at university by far.”

Andy drank from a Gryffindor mug, passed on words of wisdom to his adoring public, which quickly gathered inside the girls’ house, before going on his way to prepare for tonight’s epic finalé.