We give Nottingham £1.8 million every day

Why do the locals hate us so much?

A new study has shown that the University of Nottingham generates a massive £1.8 million to the city every day.

The economic impact study by independent experts has shown that as a whole the we’re worth £1.1 billion, with a contribution to Nottingham’s economy of £667 million pounds a year.

The uni directly supports 14,000 jobs, while one in every 24 jobs are reliant on the university in some way.

The impact that students make off-campus by spending money in the city has been estimated at £250 million a year, to put that into perspective that’s about 12,500,000 nights out. We also help over 650 local business, including the likes of D.G. Taxis and D2.

Holla Holla get dolla

Holla Holla get dolla

The university employs 8,293 members of staff, 7,293 of which are based here in the UK with another 1,000 in the China and Malaysia campus.

The campuses in China and Malaysia have an annual value £35m and £80m respectively, with the uni also attracting students from 77% of all the worlds nations.

The university plans to reinvest £580m on flagship projects to impact the community, including a £25m project for a new centre of manufacturing research on Derby Road.

UoN is the county’s 6th largest employer with recruitment that carried on right through the recession (legends).

Vice-chancellor Sir David Greenaway said: “I am particularly delighted to see that our ongoing commitment to making a significant contribution to the prosperity and wellbeing of our local, civic and regional communities is so effectively demonstrated.”

We’ve made a pretty big shadow for Trent to hide in.