How to make your own vodka at uni

Still better than Glen’s

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Vodka has probably become a staple in your liquid diet and if it hasn’t, you’re most likely really boring. 

But at £10.50 for a bottle of off-brand vodka, staying classic is an expensive habit. How to find the balance then between staying thrifty and having fun? Make your own, of course.

Why be a slave to commercial brands like everyone else? For around £20 you could make just under five litres of home brew voddy. That’s enough to last you a week. Maybe two.

The process is simple: mix cold water with boiling water, then pour in yeast, 2kg of sugar, sucrose and citric acid and shake. Make sure the container is airtight, otherwise you’re basically making bath tub moonshine and that’s a lot less classy.

It should look like dodgy milk after stage one

Keep it at 20 degrees then, after three weeks, add charcoal/potatoes with some sketchy chemicals called Kieselol and Chitosan. These chemicals are clarifiers – taking your vodka from off milk to beautifully clear alcohol. They’re probably even safe to consume. Finally, add stabiliser. Unfortunately these won’t help stabilise you after consumption.

Shake, let it settle for a few days and siphon the liquid out. Voila, you now have vodka.

Yes, it might be dirtier than Glen’s, and the lack of multiple filtrations make the hangovers worse than death itself. But at about £4 a litre who cares about the taste or the impact on your brain cells.

What’s the vintage mate?

This one simple recipe is the mecca for making friends in halls and will make you less poor than everyone around you.

So grab an airtight container and get brewing – you’ll only regret it in the morning.