Should you break up with bae when you go to uni?

‘Babe, I just need some space’

Coming to University is a time for self-discovery and shameful one night stands, but this can be difficult with a partner from home in tow. You’ve travelled to a new part of the country, settled into a mediocre room in halls and fill your days with drinking and avoiding the education you pay £9,000 a year for. So we asked some freshers whether they think you should give it a go.

Melina, Architecture, 19

“It depends on the distance really. If you’re going to a university near your partner, then you should give it a shot.”

Jessica, English, 18

“Well I got together with my boyfriend two weeks before coming to Nottingham, so…”
(Good luck Jess)

 Flora, History & Classics, 19

“If you’re committed and you see a future with them, then definitely. If it’s just a fling then probably not.”

 Danny, International Relations, 19

“Yes! Being single means more fun in Freshers’ Week.”

Sam, Physics, 20

“Communication is key, so if you can communicate well then you should try and stay together.”

Sarah, Music, 19

“I don’t think it’s necessary. I know people who have broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and people who haven’t and I don’t think it makes much of a difference.”

Cianan, Politics, 20 

“Yeah you should! Going to university can make your relationship complicated.”

Gabriela, 20

‘If you’re at the same university then you should stick together. If you’re not, then the relationship can restrict you.’