Decrepit Junktion 7 nightclub in Canning Circus set to be knocked down

About bloody time

 It has been announced that developers will start the process of demolishing Derby Road nightclub Seven in early 2016.

It’s a building that thousands of Lenton residents will have seen everyday, but is regarded by many as an eyesore.


Few Notts veterans will have had the pleasure of seeing the building, at the top of Ilkeston Road, in its heyday and it’s fair to say it has been crying out for proper development, after a long history of “revivals.”

It began life as a pub, before evolving into the oddly named music venue, Junktion 7, which shut down in 2008.

It seems the writing has been on the cards for a while, especially when its latest reincarnation, the re-branded Seven, was set for a February Friday 13th 2009 opening. New manager at the time, Martyn Hagues, was said to be optimistic about the venue’s future, despite the economic climate.

A website was set up after the club shut down in 2008

A website was set up after the club shut down in 2008

Fast forward to 2015 and the decrepit building has been an eyesore for a number of years now since its final closure in 2011, with one local resident stating: “It looks like it’s been misused, slightly from age but mostly from damage or not caring, not paying attention to it.”

It seems that clubs and alternative venues struggle in this day and age in the Nottingham area, with reports suggesting there has been a 50% decline in the number of nightclubs over the past decade across the UK.

Current owner, Vijay Patel of IMAP Properties Ltd, is looking to a more sustainable future then with his plans to develop a 99 room, eight-storey-high halls block which will include numerous facilities, including social areas and cycle storage.

Others however have expressed their desire for something a little more creative.

Student, Ellen-Nancy Wilkinson, stated she’d love the blot in Nottingham’s vibrant city to be developed into an “adult Wacky Warehouse.”

Work is set to commence on the development within the first few months of 2016, with the project set to be complete ready for students to move into during September 2017. Plenty of time for the current plans to be vetoed.