How old is too old to go to Reading?

Who still likes Enter Shikari anyway?

Reading is often seen as the post GCSE blowout festival, the one where lairy 16-year-olds piss on tents and set fire to each other, before returning to their boring lives in the Home Counties.

But how old is too old to be there? We set off to ask a few of Reading’s finest to find out.

Michael, 20, Worcester Uni, Business, Economics and Finance


“I don’t think anyone can be too old, you can go at any age, music don’t have no age. My man’s wearing a BBK t-shirt over there, TRUSS ME DADDY!”

Paul, 51, Street Worker/ Lorraine, 48, Teaching Assistant


“There’s no age that’s too old for Reading, keep on rocking, you can never be too old to go to a festival.”

Dan, 34, Retail


“You’re never too old to go to Reading. You’re not dead ‘til you’re dead. Once you can’t lift your hands in the air, then you’re too old.”

Sam, 30, Veterinary Nurse


“Not until you’re dead mate.”

Marlon, 20, BCU, Accounting and Business



“40, it’s full of teenagers here and you just stand out.”

Dan, 20, Special Police Constable


“19, we’re all too old to be here, we couldn’t even hack the silent disco. I advise anyone against going to Reading.

“However, I do feel quite strongly about people coming to festivals with little kids, they shouldn’t be here.”