‘It’s like Game of Thrones’: Politics prodigy shocked by shy Tories

In years to come politicians are going to jizz themselves at this election it was so unpredictable

David Garner made headline news when we broke his election predictions on the back of a map.

So in the cold light of day, we caught up with second year David to see how his prediction compared to the actual results.

He described his feelings this morning as: “Shock, disbelief”.

Dave, 19, said: “This shouldn’t have happened according to the polls, academics, parties and well, me.”

Prophetic Dave puts the surprise result down to the threat of a strong Sturgeon performance

He added: “It was clearly a fear of a Labour/SNP coalition. The exit polls falsely predicted (like me) that the Conservatives would gain the most seats, but only have a minority.

“Shy Tories are what ultimately happened. People who don’t identify themselves as Conservatives, but who on the day were swung.”

But it wasn’t all bad for the Politics teen.

The genius rightly predicted the Conservatives would have the largest number of seats and nailed it with Nottingham remaining a stronghold for Labour.

He concedes defeat when it comes to the other parties: “It was a massacre for the Lib Dems and an embarrassment for Labour.”

But David isn’t ready to stop predicting just yet, and he shared his thoughts about the future of each losing party.

For Labour, Dave reckons they need a whole new image, someone who hasn’t been seen much by the media and who is distant from Ed Miliband’s inner circle.

For UKIP, his top tip is to watch out for Farage as that slipperly bugger isn’t gone just yet.

And as for Lib Dems, David is hopeful of Tim Farron or Alistair Carmichael, who retained the only Scottish seat for the Lib Dems and one of just eight nationally.

As for the future of the country as whole, Dave is apprehensive.

He said: “The next big thing will be the EU Referendum in 2017, and if we pull out of the EU, then this could lead to another Scottish Referendum and basically all hell breaks loose.

“It’s like Game of Thrones, anything could happen.”