It’s finally time to ask, what is all the George Green hype about?

Don’t be fooled, it’s just another library

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but recently the new George Green Library has been causing a bit of a stir – well not that much – it’s still a library.

It seems that with revision looming and last minute dissertations frantically being typed up, the idea of a new spacious library, with loads of free seats and modern design sounds like the ideal work environment to get the brain juices flowing.

All the hours in here might actually be worth it

George is much better looking than this

Initially you’re impressed by the amount of space and lack of sweltering heat you get in Hallward. It’s not filled with hundreds of people you just don’t want to say hi to. You think you are on to a winner, but you’re wrong.

George Green

If you actually want to get work done, then this really isn’t the best place for you.

The library is still, very strangely, under construction. There were chairs still being unpacked and builders chilling under the desks just drilling away.


If you actually want a good few hours of solid work, the amount of distractions are just too much.

Plus it doesn’t even have a café yet.

Very distracting

Very distracting

What is it about hyping everything up, just to be knowingly disappointed? It’s the same with new nights as well.

Yes, Nottingham nightlife is somewhat limited – the most popular nights arguably being Stealth, Shapes, Crisis and Ocean and an occasional Caramello to mix it up a bit – but at least you have fun.

The library is soul destroying enough without glancing at a builder’s bum when the glaring rays of your laptop screen get too much.