There’s a teacher at Nottingham called Professor Snape

Enemies of the heir beware

Professor Snape teaches Chemistry and Thermodynamics to freshers.

Colin Snape, currently a resident of the Energy Technology building on Jubilee campus, has been teaching at Nottingham for 14 years.

Starting his academic journey at Strathclyde, Snape found much like his fictional counterpart, he had a way with mysterious substances.

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He has been working in coal research for nearly 30 years and is currently Director of The Engineering Doctorate Centre.

There will be no wand waving on incantations in his class

There will be no wand waving on incantations in his class

He has authored or co-authored 280 published articles many with thrilling titles like “Evaluating The Combustion Reactivity Of Drop Tube Furnace And Thermogravimetric Analysis Coal Chars With A Selection Of Metal Additives“.


Almost as dashing as Alan Rickman

He has also successfully supervised 40 PhD candidates and is estimated to have brewed over 1000 polyjuice potions.

Shortly before moving to Notts in 2000, Snape was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, Professor Snape did not respond to a request for comment on his old school house.