Get ready for a hectic ten days as Varsity dates revealed

Futsal and dodgeball have been added to the line-up

The Varsity series will played out over ten days from Monday 27th April until Wednesday 6th May.

It is set to be a relentless period of rivalry with new sports futsal and dodgeball being added to the series, meaning there are 20 points up for grabs.

Varsity will kick off with basketball at the Capital FM arena on the first day back after the Easter break, just as your dissertation is due.

It will conclude with swimming and men’s cricket on Wednesday 6th May, 12 days before spring semester exams commence.

There will be a football varsity, but we’ll probably lose after our club got banned.

hockey varsity

Sports Officer Kiri Madhani told URN: “The idea is to open on a big game, so we are starting with basketball and getting the hype up and celebrating the sport talent, ending with the sports ball.”

There are days when there are three fixtures taking place.

Callum, second-year French, Spanish and Business student, said: ” I doubt I’ll get to much of it because I will be doing a lot of work around then, but I guess it might make a nice break from work some days.”

football varsity fc

Rhiannon Compton, a second-year History, said: “This is going to ruin exams for me. I have to witness the downfall of trent but I also have 20% of my degree riding on May with the exam period itself being a joke, why did they have to fix something wasn’t broke?”

Football will be played at Meadow Lane, with a team hand-picked from the IMS league following the men’s football team’s disgrace.

All rugby matches will be played at Lady Bay.

Monday 27th April Basketball

Tuesday 28th April Dodgeball, Futsal, Men’s Lacrosse

Wednesday 29th April Ice Hockey

Thursday 30th April Netball, Volleyball Mixed

Friday 1st May Football (ladies and men’s)

Saturday 2nd May Rugby Union (ladies and men’s)

Sunday 3rd May Rugby League

Monday 4th May American Football

Tuesday 5th May Hockey, Table Tennis

Wednesday 6th May Swimming, Men’s Cricket